Monday, June 15, 2009

The Fight for Height

As you may already know, each year at Women's Rock Weekend we find some rockin' lady to give us a slideshow meant to inspire, awe, or just plain get us psyched. We think year will be no exception. Join us Saturday night, June 27th for "The Fight for Height" presented by Mountain Hardwear Athlete and WRW Guest Guide, Julia Niles. Julia is the fifth American woman to become a fully certified AFMGA/UIAGM guide, and as if that isn't cool enough, was able to reach this new height after having her left lung removed. Talk about awesome. Here's what Julia has to say about her show:

"Sometimes it takes a bit of a knock down to find out we don't just want to walk through life, we want to run. My slideshow is the story of my knock down and inevitable journey back from being diagnosed with a lung tumor that the doctor said would necessitate the removal of my left lung, the fight to save half, and the bounce right back into my passions: climbing and guiding. Six months later I completed the Grand Traverse of the Tetons in a day- a feat that includes thirteen mountains and lots of lung power. Today, three and a half years later, I have succeeded in becoming the fifth American woman to be a fully certified IFMGA/UIAGM mountain guide. Climbing and skiing have become a full-time pursuit that will continue to keep me running through all the thick and thin that life tosses my way. This slideshow will be a tribute to the late and great Sean Patrick, Founder of HERA."
You can follow Julia's adventures HERE
Show starts @ 7:30pm upstairs at IME...$5 at the door - see you there!!

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