Thursday, June 5, 2008

Slide Show: The Wild Adventures of Kirsten Kremer

I first met Kirsten Kremer in the living room of a climber's hostel in El Chalten, Argentina. I was rushing around, trying to get all my gear together for the trek into Bridwell Camp to climb with Kirsten and Janet Bergman, who had arrived in Patagonia a week a head of me.

She told me to chill—"Tranquilo, Garlick"—the weather was bad in the mountains and we'd be staying in town for a bit. Over coffee, I got to know my new climbing partner.

I learned about her typical yearly commutes: from guiding Denali in the spring, to running rapids as a raft guide in the summer, to big-wall climbing in Yosemite in the fall, alpine climbing in Patagonia in the winter, back to Alaska for some heli-ski guiding in the early spring, then back over to Denali . . . . . . some years she shakes it up with trips to the Alps to paraglide or time in Lodi jumping out of airplanes.

Kirsten is the real deal: a climber and friend I look up to, and without a doubt one of the most accomplished and inspirational outdoor athletes—male or female—out there.

Come listen to the wild tales of Kirsten's adventures during the Women's Rock Weekend featured slide show, Saturday, June 21 at I.M.E., 7:30 PM. $5 at the door.

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